Koi Rescue Services

If you have Koi fish you can no longer care for, our experience team of volunteers can come to your location and rescue your Koi free of charge.  We are a not-for-profit operation so you can rest assured knowing that your Koi will never be sold.  After being quarantined for a period of 8 weeks, during which time rescued they are treated for any health issues, our rescued Koi are relocated to suitable "forever homes" in large ponds designed specifically for Koi.


Our team has all the supplies needed to remove Koi from your pond and transport them safely to our location.  All services are provided free of charge, however donations are welcome. 


If you have Koi in need of rescue, please contact us.



SoCalKoiRescue.com - Koi Rescue and Adoption Services...serving the Southern California region.

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