Unlike when you purchase koi fish from pet store or koi dealer, an approved Koi Adoption Request form is required before a hobbyist is allowed to schedule an appointment to attend one of our special hosted koi adoption events. This simple form helps to ensure the precious living jewels entrusted to our care are placed into suitable new forever homes with knowledgeable pond owners capable of keeping these majestic creatures healthy well into the future.

Over the past 4 years (2020-2024) we have come to know many hobbyists who are just as “koi kichi” (crazy for koi) as we are. Many of these loyal supporters come back to us several times per year to adopt beautiful large koi fish they might otherwise be unable to afford. And nothing makes us happier than when our supporters share photos and videos with us showing some of our rescued koi fish enjoying a second chance at life in their own backyard ponds.

While we greatly appreciate each of our supporters, we are especially grateful for our valued return customers, many of whom we have come to view as personal friends. These very special people often travel great distances to attend our events. And over the years they have proven their ability to maintain a healthy ecosystem for the large/jumbo koi fish adopted during our events.

If you have already adopted koi from us in the past and come back to adopt more koi from us in the future, then upon your second visit you will officially become one of our valued return customers. In addition to our minimal rehoming fees and “free koi” quantity discounts, our valued return customers also receive a 14-Day Return Customer Guarantee for all koi adoptions made during future events. This guarantee provides credit redeemable towards rehoming fees at future events should any koi losses occur within 14 calendar days after adoption date — even if a new fish jumps out of your pond!

Credit amount issued shall equal effective rehoming fee (actual amount paid) for koi lost. Photos/videos of your pond and filter setup may be required so we can help to prevent additional koi losses in the future. Credit shall be redeemable towards rehoming fees at NEXT scheduled adoption event only. Credits cannot be banked nor saved for use at future events. No extensions for these credits shall be granted for use at future events.