If you are moving and cannot take your koi fish with you, if you have an overstocked pond, or if you are looking to close down your pond entirely then we can help. Our onsite koi rescue services are completely free of charge. After being quarantined for a minimum period of 4-6 weeks, our rescued koi are rehomed to properly vetted new forever homes. We can transport any koi, regardless of size or quality, and we are highly experienced at transporting extremely large quantities of koi safely without issue. As a courtesy, we also commonly provide videos and photos of rescued koi back to their former owners once they arrive in quarantine so they will know they arrived safe and sound.

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Koi Rescue Request

If you would like to request a free onsite koi rescue then please complete the Koi Rescue Request form below.

Frequently asked questions about koi rescues:

Below are some common questions asked about our onsite koi rescue services.

How much does it cost to schedule a koi rescue?

Absolutely nothing. We offer our onsite koi rescue services completely free of charge. Donations; however, are always very much appreciated. If you’d like to make a donation please visit our Donations page.

How will I know my rescued koi arrived safe and sound to Southern California Koi Rescue?

As a courtesy we commonly provide a few photos and videos of all rescued koi back to their former owners once they are placed into quarantine. We understand the love many pond owners have for their beloved wet pets, so we realize how important it is for them to know their koi made the trip safe and sound.

What is the koi quarantine procedure followed by Southern California Koi Rescue?

We quarantine all rescued Koi for a minimum period of 4-6 weeks before they are made available through adoption to properly vetted new forever homes. Our rescued koi are commonly scoped using a microscope to identify any parasites. All rescued koi are treated with 3% salt along with appropriate medications to treat any parasites identified during scoping. As a precautionary measure, prazi treatment is also commonly applied during quarantine to help guard against typical parasites found in koi.

Can I come visit my rescued koi while they are in quarantine?

Perhaps. While this is technically possible, it is also unnecessary since we already provide photos and videos of all rescued koi back to their original owners when they are first placed into quarantine.

Can I come visit my rescued koi in their new forever homes?

Not likely. All of our rescued koi are ultimately rehomed to properly vetted new forever homes. Because these homes are typically privately owned residential ponds, it is up to the individual pond owner whether or not to allow visitors. We do commonly request photos of our rescued koi in their new homes and we often share these photos via social media for everyone to enjoy — especially the former koi owners themselves.

How do you ensure rescued koi find suitable new forever homes?

All prospective adoptive homes are thoroughly vetted before they are permitted to adopt any koi from us. Anyone who wishes to adopt koi from us must submit a completed Koi Adoption Request form. These requests are thoroughly reviewed before a decision is made regarding approval. We also commonly visit many prospective adoptive homes in person to help ensure these ponds are suitable forever homes for koi.