We receive many inquiries from pond owners interested in adopting some of our rescued koi. We care deeply about the beautiful living jewels entrusted to our care and we are committed to finding them properly vetted new forever homes, therefore a completed koi adoption request is required for all koi adoptions. Once your koi adoption request has been received, we will contact you via SMS text at the contact phone# provided to allow you an opportunity to schedule an appointment to attend one of our special hosted koi adoption events held in Victorville, CA. We believe a knowledgeable koi keeper is equally important to having a properly designed koi pond to ensure optimal koi health, so we highly encourage all hobbyists interested in koi adoption to review valuable information provided on our Koi Health page before submitting a koi adoption request.

Visit us on Instagram for samples of currently available koi.

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Koi Adoption Request

A completed koi adoption request is REQUIRED in order to adopt any koi from Southern California Koi Rescue.  We fully understand that as their knowledge and experience grows, many hobbyists choose to upgrade their ponds over time.  This form is primarily intended to help educate koi keepers, so please be honest when completing this form without any fears of being excluded from koi adoption consideration based solely on responses provided.        

Frequently asked questions about koi adoption:

Below are some commonly asked questions about koi adoption from Southern California Koi Rescue.

Where do our rescued koi come from?

Our dedicated volunteers provide onsite koi fish rescue services completely free of charge, often traveling hundreds of miles at their own expense in order to save these precious living jewels from private residential ponds and commercial water features located throughout CA, NV, and AZ. These koi are made available to us by their previous owners for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include hobbyists moving and being unable to take their koi, total pond closures, overstocked ponds, koi ponds in disrepair, etc.

Where can I view photos of currently available adoptable koi?

Please visit our Instagram page for sample photos and videos of koi currently available for adoption.

What are the koi quarantine procedures followed by Southern California Koi Rescue?

Southern California Koi Rescue quarantines all rescued koi for a minimum period of 4 weeks before they are made available for rehoming. During this period, rescued koi are commonly scoped and treated for common koi parasites. For costia we commonly treat with salt and potassium permanganate, while for flukes we commonly treat with praziquantel. To help guard against Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) we also commonly heat quarantine tanks over 70° F.

What is the typical quality of koi available from Southern California Koi Rescue?

The vast majority of Koi we rescue are not show quality fish.  In fact, most of our rescued Koi are standard pond grade fish only. But these Koi were extremely valuable to the pond owners who entrusted them to our care, and therefore they are also extremely valuable to us. When we do rescue koi of significantly higher quality these premium grade koi are also made available for adoption to properly vetted forever homes once they have completed quarantine. You can view sample photos and videos of adoptable koi on our Instagram account.

How can I adopt koi from Southern California Koi Rescue?

If you are a private hobbyist interested in adopting some of our rescued koi fish, then please submit a Koi Adoption Request. Once your request has been approved you will be notified via SMS text using contact phone# provided to allow you to attend a special hosted koi adoption event in Victorville, CA.

How much does it cost to adopt koi from Southern California Koi Rescue?

If you are looking for free koi then please look elsewhere. While a tiny fraction of typical koi dealer wholesale cost, a nominal rehoming fee is required for all koi adoptions. These rehoming fee helps to offset some of our significant costs for the various free services we provide. Typical rehoming fees for most large koi made available for adoption are approximately $50 each with quantity discounts also available. To help ensure our rescued koi are placed into suitable new forever homes only, a completed koi adoption request form is required for all koi adoptions.