If you have an aquatic turtle which you can no longer care for then we would be happy to give your turtle a forever home in one of our dedicated turtle ponds / habitats. We have several large ponds designed specifically for aquatic turtles and have plenty of room. Your turtle will be loved, well fed, and will never be sold. Many people purchase baby red ear sliders and other aquatic turtles at reptile shows not realizing how messy they are. As their turtles grow larger, turtle owners soon realize it is virtually impossible to keep them in an indoor aquarium without excessive daily cleaning. Large turtles really do best when kept in an outdoor pond and we have several available. We offer rescue services for red ear sliders, painted turtles and compatible aquatic turtle species of all sizes.

Turtle Request Request

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Note: We are currently at full capacity so we are NOT accepting any new turtle rescues at this time, but we will contact those who request rescues as soon as possible once we have more openings.