If you have an aquatic turtle which you can no longer care for then we can help. In addition to maintaining our own dedicated turtle pond habitat, we also find new forever homes for our rescued turtles through adoption. Many people purchase baby red ear sliders and other aquatic turtles not realizing at the time how messy they are and how difficult they are to maintain when kept in an indoor aquarium. Large turtles really do best when kept in an outdoor pond.

As a registered animal rescue, our sole mission is to find suitable new forever homes for the beautiful living creatures entrusted to our care. In addition to large koi rescues, we also consistently receive a very high volume of turtle rescue requests. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all of these requests due to a lack of resources and insufficient room available in our dedicated turtle pond habitat. This habitat is intended to serve as a temporary home for our rescued turtles while they await permanent placement through adoption.

Due to extremely high demand and limited resources available, a $20 USD donation is REQUIRED for every turtle surrendered regardless of species. Southern California Koi Rescue does NOT provide onsite turtle rescues. If you wish to surrender your turtle(s) to us, please submit a completed Turtle Rescue Request below.

Turtle surrenders are by appointment only within the cities of Highland, CA 92346 or Victorville, CA 92392.

Turtle Rescue Request

Note: Please be sure to provide a valid contact cell phone# as we coordinate and schedule all rescues via SMS text.