POLICY ACCEPTANCE: Attending one of our hosted koi adoption events signifies your full understanding and acceptance of our policies outlined below.  If you have any issues agreeing to any of our policies summarized below, then please do NOT schedule an appointment to attend so we can make this space available to other customers.

EVENT LOCATION: Location will vary per event; however, we will provide event address via SMS text to those scheduled to attend.

APPOINTMENT REQUIRED. Please do your best to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.  If you are running late or wish to cancel please let us know as soon as possible.  If you arrive early for your scheduled appointment please wait in your vehicle and contact us via text.  We will come out to greet you and escort you in through side gate when we are ready.  Please do NOT enter property on your own until we come out to personally greet you as we may be busy assisting other customers. 

NO KOI DEALERS OR RESELLERS ALLOWED: This event is intended to help find new forever homes for some of the precious living jewels entrusted to our care.  Selling to dealers goes against our primary mission, so please cancel your appointment if you are planning to acquire koi or other pond pets for resale. 

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: We guarantee live koi arrival to your destination within our primary service area.  In the unlikely event you experience any koi losses during transport, you must notify us immediately to qualify for credit redeemable towards rehoming fees at our NEXT scheduled adoption event. 

KOI PACKAGING FOR TRANSPORT: We will professionally box and bag all selected koi for you FREE so there is no need to bring your own containers. 

STANDARD FREE PACKAGING: All selected fish are packaged by us FREE in single 6mm bags and within 24x12x12 boxes for safe transport.  This is the exact same transport method we commonly use ourselves when transporting fish up to 24 hours.  Customers are welcome to supply their own containers if they prefer not to use the free boxes we provide.  Issues during transport are extremely rare; however, they can happen so for added security we offer optional packaging upgrades detailed below.  At our discretion, these upgrades may be REQUIRED for specific koi in order to quality them for our live arrival guarantee. If this is the case, we will advise at time of adoption.

$5 DOUBLE-BAG FEE (OPTIONAL/REQUIRED UPGRADE): If you would like us to double bag your selected fish to help prevent bag leakage or punctures during transport, then an additional $5 double-bag fee will be applied per box. 

$5 ICE PACK FEE (OPTIONAL/REQUIRED UPGRADE): It is recommended to keep water temperature low to help minimize koi stress during transport.  We do NOT provide free ice packs; however, customers are welcome to supply their own ice packs and we will gladly add them free when preparing your selected fish for transport. Upon request, we can also provide ice packs for an additional $5 per box. 

KOI QUARANTINE RECOMMENDED: Regardless of source, we highly recommend quarantining all new koi additions for a minimum period of 4 weeks before adding them to your main pond.  This practice allows koi immune systems a chance to safely recover from stress during transport in perfect water conditions before being exposed to parasites and/or harmful bacteria which is always present in virtually every pond.  We will provide free printed koi quarantine instructions upon request.  We have also published free easy-to-follow “quick” 21-day koi quarantine instructions to our website for easy reference.

NO REFUNDS: All koi adoptions are AS-IS and FINAL.  Absolutely no refunds will be issued for any reason.  We provide several “free koi”promotions and quantity discounts during our special hosted koi adoption events; therefore, we will NOT provide any free replacements for any koi losses occurring after adoption date.  To help ensure optimal koi health, please review information provided on the Koi Health resource page published to our website.

KOI SIZING:  Available large koi commonly range in size from 12” to well over 24”.  We also have some smaller koi available. Our rehoming fees are not based on koi size alone; therefore you will often find koi of various sizes within each class.  Rehoming fees are set based on a variety of factors including quality, color, pattern, variety, bloodlines, size, and uniqueness. 

REHOMING FEES:  We do our very best to keep our rehoming fees as low as possible.  These rehoming fees help to ensure our available koi are placed into suitable ponds only while also helping us to recoup some of our significant costs for the various free services we provide.  Many of the high quality Japanese koi we make available for adoption were originally purchased by collectors from well known koi dealers.  Our rehoming fees are a tiny fraction of original koi dealer prices paid.  Available koi vary per event; however, a detailed summary will be provided via SMS text to all scheduled attendees once available koi have been pulled and sorted (usually 2-3 days before event).

CREDIT REDEMPTIONS: Any credits previously issued must be redeemed towards future koi adoptions at our NEXT scheduled koi adoption event after credit issue date. These credits may NOT be “saved” nor “banked” for use at other future events. Whether they are redeemed or not, all credits issued are null and void once our next scheduled adoption event has been completed. Credit amount issued may NOT be combined with any other promotions, including “free koi” quantity discounts which are commonly offered at our hosted adoption events. Credits are NOT transferrable.